Steakhouse products

Yes!!! We invented it!!!

Always wanting to improve things,we have invented many of our products ourselves. You may eat, drink and enjoy our products but - the recipes will stay secret...

Our ‘Mättmibräu’

Our in-house brewery is situated in Grindel 6, in combination with our Event Hall. The brewery is managed by Andreas Isoz who has dedicatedly acquired his extensive knowledge with great passion. We only brew small quantities and our beer is therefore always freshly barrelled and bottled.

If stock is sufficient it is also possible to buy and enjoy at home. Pick some up at your next visit or order right now online. Cheers!

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Salad Dressing and Steak Sauces

Our dressings and sauces are our own little secret success story. The clue: if you haven’t used everything with your meal,  then take the rest home and you can prolong the enjoyable hours you spent with us.

Dressings and sauces in different sizes available also as take-away.

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Gift Vouchers

Would you like to surprise someone with a special gift? Why not present them with a Steakhouse Bahnhof gift voucher? The vouchers can be used for all our offers on sale - Take-away products, a delicious dinner in the restaurant or as payment for one of our BBQ- Workshops.

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